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Alex Ruiz de Aguirre

Triathlon Coach


Our main first target is to understand athlete’s goals. Everybody is different and requires a different approach. We discuss what athletes want to achieve and why, by understanding what their background is and what their objectives are. 

We work not only on enhancing athletes strengths, but on improving their weaknesses as well. Our focus is to build a balanced and strong athlete, not just physically but also mentally. We customize all plans by combining training, recovery and nutrition so athletes reach their best performance. Also, communication between both parties is key in order to adapt their plans to their busy lifestyle and priorities without sacrificing their goals.




· Born in 1977.
· Played soccer since a very young age and got to play to college/university level.
· Have run over 5 marathons and 10 half-marathons.
· Over 10 x Olympic distance finisher.
· 10 x 70.3 distance finisher (Texas, Miami, Florida, Augusta)
· 4 x 140.6 distance finisher. (Texas 2012, Coeur D’Alene 2013, Cozumel 2013, Florida 2014)
· USA Triathlon Level I - Certified coach


· Prove that discipline and consistency can exceed talent.
· Rich your goals while enjoying the journey and without scarifying your family
and social life.


· No more training hours always means better performance.
· Training model that adapts and balance your career and family requirements.
· Flexible, specific and effective training programs maximizing your overall performance.
· Including key sessions in order to reach your goals.
· Provide knowledge, guidance and support to those people looking to initiate their adventure in the sport of triathlon.

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